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                                            WHY DID JIAHERB LAUNCH HERBALINK??

                                            Jiaherb recognizes that there is much uncertainty among manufacturers and consumers, about the integral quality of the botanical products they purchase. As a testament to our never-ending commitment to customer satisfaction, and to ease customer concerns about the integrity of our products, Jiaherb created the HerbaLink? program. 

                                            WHAT IS HERBALINK??
                                            HerbaLink?, is a unique chain-of-custody program, offering ultimate transparency in product identification and traceability. The program not only assures best practices in identifying sustainable and socially conscious sources, but also the implementation of stringent testing methods that include DNA, HPTLC and HPLC throughout the processing and preparation of the finished product — documenting every link of the product’s journey from harvest to packaging. 

                                            WHAT IS INCLUDED?
                                            HerbaLink? consists of four parts; Botanical Identification Report which includes an authenticated reference or botanical voucher of the correct plant species. Macroscopic Identification Report that describes the physical characteristics of the plant such as size, shape, color, or texture as well as its organoleptic characteristics such as smell and taste. Chemical Identification Report that includes a detailed method of analysis by HPTLC, HPLC, or GC which provides both quantitative and qualitative information of the material. Finally, when available, you will find Third Party Laboratory Reports that includes, but is not limited to results on identification, assay, microbiological, heavy metals, etc.