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                                            PRODUCTS AND SERVICE

                                            JIAHERB continues to make innovations with herbal extracts that service the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic industries.
                                            • All Products

                                              All Products

                                              Provide the Innovative Botanical Extracts

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                                            • Vegetable & Fruit Juice Powder

                                              Vegetable & Fruit Juice Powder

                                              New type Juice powder without carrier with good quality

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                                            • Organic Products

                                              Organic Products

                                               Organic products offer you more choice for your life

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                                            • Curcumin

                                              Product Specification:98.0% Curcumin(HPLC)
                                              Certificate:Kosher | Halal | SC證書

                                            • Valerian Extract

                                              Product Specification:0.8% Valeric acids (HPLC)
                                              Certificate:Kosher | Halal

                                            • Green Tea Extract

                                              Product Specification:50.0~98.0% Polyphenols (UV)
                                              Certificate:Kosher | Halal

                                            • Citrus Aurantium Extract

                                              Product Specification:90.0~98.0%Hespridin (HPLC)
                                              Certificate:Kosher | Halal

                                            • Garcinia Cambogia Extract

                                              Product Specification:50.0%, 60.0% HCA (HPLC)
                                              Certificate:Kosher | Halal

                                            Welcome to JIAHERB

                                            JIAHERB is a cGMP, ISO series, Kosher and Halal certified company, dedicated to the identification, development and manufacturing of botanical extracts and its derivatives. With strong R&D capabilities and advanced production technology, Jiaherb continues to make innovations with herbal extracts that service the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic industries.
                                            At JIAHERB we are dynamic in developing innovative products under the premise of the continuity and diversity of herbs. We believe that the natural specialty ingredients and innovative technology are the best basis for us to serve our client’s needs. We are capable and proud to provide the greatest product solution to add value to the products.

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                                            JIAHERB ADVANTAGE

                                            Provide solutions for new products to add new value to customers' products.
                                            • INNOVATIVE SERVICE

                                              JIAHERB invest considerable amount of manpower and tremendous scientific research for the innovative service ...

                                            • INDEPENDENT LABORATORY

                                              JIAHERB believe that the accurate data comes from qualified experts and advanced testing instruments, enables us to hold quick ...

                                            • DIRECT PRODUCTION SYSTEM

                                              JIAHERB has established a global direct collection system of plant raw materials to ensure the high quality and authenticity of the herbs ...

                                            JIAHERB QUALIFICATION

                                            • China SFDA-GMP, SC certificates ;
                                            • Food Safety Management System FSSC22000
                                            • Top 10 Companies of Plant Extracts Export 2018
                                            • Most Growth Enterprise 2018
                                            • NSF-cGMP Certificates ;
                                            • Star Enterprises in Strategic Emerging Industries
                                            • Excellent Enterprises in Advanced Manufacturing Industry
                                            • TOP 5 Enterprises in China for the herbal extract
                                            • Top 100 enterprises in Xi'an City
                                            • Economic openness and outstanding enterprise

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